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If your business model relies on channel distribution and sales people to represent your brand, a well-designed incentive and rewards programme can engage your partners and empower the people who interact with your consumers to deliver:

  • The best customer experience
  • The right brand message and product information
  • The most professional and effective sales behaviour.
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It’s ironic, but in the influence chain between your business and your consumers, the further away people are from the core of the business, the closer they are to your consumer.


  • Sign up your team and give them each a reloadable debit gift card.
  • Every time they earn points these are converted to a Rand value.
  • Each day, week or month (you decide) their earnings are verified and paid onto their cards.
  • In conjunction with Standard Bank and MasterCard.


Once your base measures of performance are being rewarded, you can add further reward layers.

  • Ad hoc rewards for extra excitement.
  • Include online training modules, with diligence and test results earning rewards.
  • Additional ‘soft rewards’, like training achievement shout-outs, peer pat-on-the-backs and performer profiles.


MyBonsela can help you strengthen your channel partnerships, stimulate sales
and protect your brand’s integrity through a blend of modern rewards experiences.

  • Set the ground rules

    Identify the groups to incentivise and reward, set the criteria for measurement, and enable the transfer of information. This can be via encrypted transfer from your system to ours, or a file sent to us which we convert into points using the reward rules set for your programme.

  • Make it your own

    Using our base platform, the programme will be customised to reflect your own identity and style of communication.

  • Easy to manage

    Our internet-based management system and dashboards allow for easy administration and reporting of rewards hierarchies across multiple users and locations.

  • Fluid and flexible

    There's no more 'just now' with MyBonsela, you can award points for desired results and behaviours and key performance indicators- from sales feedback and training achievements to best work practices and wellness goals.

  • Stay in touch with your team

    Once they are registered on the programme you can communicate at will. Instantly announce incentives for a week, a month, or on an ad hoc basis. Fire off a ‘thank you’’ email or SMS the minute you get back to your desk. Deliver news, stock and product updates as well as recognising achievers and sending motivational messages.

  • Keep them in the loop

    Programme members will be able to instantly track their progress and measure their performance. They can access their own dashboard of earnings or get a statement of their rewards spend and account balance at any time. Post your news, information and motivational messaging on your dedicated mobi-site, app or via SMS.

  • Track your progress

    Besides serving as ‘currency’’ for the recipient, these points also become a mechanism for tracking your organisation’s performance against your KPIs. Based on points issued, you can readily identify the types of behavioural change occurring, and track real-time progress toward meeting organisational goals.

  • The MyBonsela toolbox

    MyBonsela can assist in developing a programme that suits your objectives, in whole or integrate into an existing programme.



Drawing on the collective experience of two companies who are specialists in their respective disciplines of technology and creative communication, MyBonsela can assist in developing a programme that suits your objectives, in whole or integrate into an existing programme.

Strategy & programme design - We can guide you in the development of your programme, workshopping with you to refine the metrics, structure and tools needed to incentivise, reward and integrate with your extended team.

Technology & data integration A vital part of any programme is the information used to measure success. Seamless integration with different data sources (factory sales, store POS, CRM, website, online store, etc.) will make for a powerful real-time channel programme. Our IT specialists will liaise with yours to discover the best ways to draw the relevant information into the programme. You have secure access to a CRM panel to manage membership, rewards values and communication.

Programme management and rewards fulfilment - Our sophisticated yet user-friendly Rewards Engine and established approval and pay-out process enables the fulfilment of rewards as frequently as you require. We provide a call centre support function to assist member on-boarding, card and earning queries.

Education - An often underutilised but vital key to sales success is the provision of regular product and skills training. Integration or development of your training material into the programme using a mobile app and online tools can stimulate, incentivise and reward a learning culture whilst enhancing the speed of implementation and reducing the cost of delivery. Keep participation high and spirits up with additional features such as gamification, badges and a little friendly social competition.

Communication - Frequent and clear communication to your teams and management is at the heart of your programme. Agreement on which tools to use, and the frequency, tone and content of your communication will elevate your connection and stimulate valued feedback from the field.

Business intelligence and reporting - With our technology building patterns of sales and behavioural dynamics in the background, the system provides a dashboard view of activity at any point in time. This applies to all partners in the programme, from individual member level to internal management. This gives you the power to steer the programme and make business decisions on the fly.